About Us

My name is Teresa Lunsford and I am the founder of Acrobat Relocation. After many years of experience as Destination Services Director in Montreal, Real Estate agent in California, Paralegal in Southeast Asia and English as a Foreign Language teacher in various locations around the globe, I am very aware of the numerous questions and concerns that may arise when moving to a new city or new country: What neighborhood should I live in? What school is best for my child? What paperwork do I need to take care of? What do I need to do to plan my move? Etc. I have created Acrobat Relocation to provide you with answers to these questions and the many others that you may have all along your transition to your new location.

My team and I work closely with all those involved and adopt a customized approach to fulfill – exceed – our customers’ expectations.

At Acrobat Relocation, we understand the many challenges and responsibilities when moving from one city or country to another. We are here to provide you with the assistance needed – prior to your departure and all the way to getting comfortably settled in the Montreal area.

Contact us to set up the services that meet your needs and budget!

Teresa Lunsford

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