We provide a thorough tour of the various neighborhoods which meet your employee’s housing criteria and a general tour of the Montreal area to help them get to know the city, the thoroughfares and the public transit system as well as the best commutes to work/school. They will find out about community amenities and activities, medical facilities, shopping info and typical available housing in the different neighborhoods. We provide info on day to day living in the Montreal area, the Montreal lifestyle and specific information based on the employee’s particular needs to get settled comfortably.


We review with the employee their particular housing needs, understanding their preferences and letting them know what to expect. We do a pre-search based on their criteria and arrange and accompany for appointments at appropriate properties.  We refer the employee to a qualified and professional real estate agent for any property purchase.  We do rental searches using our database, the internet and select real estate agents so that the employee knows the best housing options available.  For rentals, we review with the employees their obligations and the owner’s obligations; we facilitate negotiating for the best terms and we review the lease with the employee to be sure all is appropriate and acceptable. We inform and assist the employee with setting up services (electricity, water, heating, internet/TV/phone services, lawn care etc. as needed) and we conduct a walk thru of the property at move-in to be sure all is in order as per the lease.


We accompany and guide the employee through all that is needed for local government compliance: provincial medical coverage (RAMQ), tax ID if coming from outside the country (SIN or ITN), Quebec driver’s license and registration of vehicles (SAAQ) and we ensure that the employee is aware of the rules of the road, parking restrictions and other local regulations.  We advise on what documentation is required for their particular situation to get all done as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We arrange appointments to accommodate busy schedules. We also schedule an appointment with a bank officer to get an account set up and a Canadian credit card for the employee as quickly as possible. 


We assist the employees and their family with locating suitable public or private schooling.  With a variety of options and regulations for schooling in the Montreal area (public, private, semi-private: French, English, bi-lingual, tri-lingual etc.) they will want to understand which schools are available and most suitable for their children.  Our knowledgeable and experienced team will be able to provide the needed information for selecting a school for the current school year and for considering future schools if the employee will be staying in Montreal long term.  We schedule appointments with selected schools and accompany for visits as needed to be sure the appropriate questions are answered so that the family can make an informed decision on the schooling for their children while in the Montreal area. We assist with the registration at both the school board and at the school as needed.

Additional Services available

Pre-Decision Familiarization Tour
Airport Meet & Greet
Temporary Furnished Housing
On-going Support
Executive/Concierge Services
Partner Career Assistance
Visa & Immigration
Language Training
Cross-Cultural Training

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